Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Arrival in Chisinau!

We arrived in Chisinau on Monday, Dec. 30th.  We traveled through the night and got just a couple of hours of sleep!  Hope was great on the plane.  Both planes were on time and everything went smoothly - just long and tiring!  We've had one meeting with Lena and it was very quick.  She was quite the handful but was probably overwhelmed with all of us plus the translator and Albina (our facilitator).  She probably weighs more than Hope and is almost as tall.

We also visited with Will Marin and he and Hope hit it off well.  I've included pics of he, Hope and Andy playing ball.  I think he loves everything and can really put away some fruit.  He was very kind though and gave each one of us a piece of the fruit we brought him.

We also visited the director of social services in Chisinau (similar to the director of a county DHR).  She was there when we adopted Hope and gave her a special bell made in Moldova.  Today, she gave Hope a horse made by some children at one of the orphanages.  We told her about Hope taking gymnastics and she told us how she was at one time the top gymnast in Moldova.

New Year's Eve is a much bigger holiday here than in the States.  In fact, it is probably the most celebrated.  We walked to the downtown square area tonight and there was lots of celebrating going on from a concert to an iceskating rink to all kinds of vendors.

We are staying in the same apartments that we did during our first trip for Hope's adoption.  It is very nice and clean, close to the square and shopping and restaurants and very safe.

Will Marin, Andy and Hope playing catch

Hope receiving the little handmade horse from the director

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Long Awaited Letter!

A really BIG challenge in the adoption process in regards to Lean has been a referral letter from the Ministry in Moldova.  I am relieved to tell you that after much prayer, frustration, delays, persistence, and patience, we received the letter on Dec. 12th!   According to our timeline, we could have received this letter at the end of May or early June.   We immediately FedEx'd our acceptance letter to the Ministry in Moldova (they will only accept the original notarized document). 

We still have lots of challenges ahead that at times seem like endless mountains - we make it to one peak and then have to start climbing another.  Now, we have to wait for further documentation from the Ministry to proceed.  

We have booked our flights.  Andy, Beth, Hope and I will be leaving for Moldova on Sunday, Dec. 29th.  Andy and Beth will be returning Jan. 3.  However, Hope and I have a return date of FEBRUARY 9th!  Yes, I did mean February!  We don't really know what this trip means in regards to future trips, court hearings, bonding time, etc. but are trusting that God will go before us and open doors.  We treasure your prayer support so please keep praying.

When I get tired and frustrated and doubts creep in, I am reminded of Christ's love for me.  He certainly hung in there and stayed focused on His Father's will in order to adopt me into His family sacrificing more than I can comprehend.  It is this GREAT LOVE that keeps me going and sustains me.

Beth, Hope, Dow - can't wait to add two more little ones to this picture!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Andy's Trip

Andy made it back home today with lots of pics and videos of Will Marin.  We are grateful for every text, email and FB message.  What a blessing it is to know people are concerned and prayers are being prayed!

The situation in Moldova with international adoptions is very complex and difficult.  I am still trying to grasp all the players, issues, and challenges.  It is like a big web of intrigue where you don't know what move to make next.  And at the center of all of this are precious children with no voice.  For those of you considering international adoption, please do not let our experience discourage you.  With most countries, the process is streamlined and you know what to expect.

Again, we hope to have the paperwork on Lena next week, so please keep praying.  The Council met Thursday and assured our contact in Moldova that they agreed to issue the referral for Lena.  Andy was able to see her for a second visit.  We feel like we are closer than before.

Andy told us so much about Will and his personality.  Looks like we will have our hands full with him!  .Andy made arrangements for him to receive tutoring in English.  Andy also called me during his last visit with Will so I could hear his sweet little voice.  He kept saying "come, come."

We don't know exactly how things will turn out, but it looks like Hope and I will still spend an extended amount of time in Moldova beginning the end of December.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Meet Will Marin Birchfield!

I have been waiting for the day for sometime now and glad it has finally arrived.  Please meet Will Marin Birchfield.  He turned six in September but is somewhat smaller than Hope!  Andy describes him as delightful and energetic!!!  Andy and I had discussed how much and what Andy would tell him during this week.  Well, no need to worry about that.  On the first visit, Will asked Andy if he was taking him home!

Andy has had several good visits with him and Will has enjoyed the iPad.  Andy says the director of the orphanage is very kind and compassionate.  She said they call Will Marin the "son of light" because he is so bright and full of personality.  She also said he walked by the office and saw a computer and said his daddy taught him to use a computer.

Today he asked Andy if he would visit him everyday.  The translator explained that Andy would visit on Thursday but then had to go home and bring his mommy back in about 30 days.  Will said he would wait!  I can't tell you how emotional this is!  Will Marin is also telling everyone he found his parents!!!  At first this puts a smile on my face but then my heart breaks because I think of the others who have no parents!  Please pray for these children.

Also, thank you, thank you for your prayers.  God is paving the way but Andy said it is "tough plowing."  Andy had a great visit with the US Consul at the Embassy this morning and we seem to have their full support.  We need some breakthroughs in regards to Lena with the Ministry of Social Protection so please keep praying.  WE are praising the Lord for these two precious children made in His image for the purpose of bringing Him honor and glory.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Andy in Chisinau!

Andy made it to Chisinau this afternoon around 2 - 2:30 Moldova time.  He connected with our agency's contact in Moldova, Albina.  Albina is someone you want on your side because she is tenacious and persevering and doesn't give up!  For those of you who know Andy, you probably think my description of Albina is very appropriate for Andy as well.  Put the two of them together and you you have a pretty effective team.

I talked to Andy about midnight his time.  He said Lena's case was more of a challenge than we thought due to politics and varying views on international adoption by officials.  However, he met with the local director of social services and after showing her pics of Hope, he thinks he may have convinced her. We are not sure who the other "players" are.  He plans to see Will Tuesday morning and Lena Tuesday afternoon.

Please pray that God will continue to clear the way for the Ministry in Moldova to turn over needed paperwork on Lena.  A "council" will meet either this Wednesday or Friday which we have been told will agree to releasing the paperwork.  Please pray that they meet this Wednesday and Andy will get news that it has been released.

A couple of people have asked if there is a chance that we will not get Lena.   Anything can happen with adoptions but I firmly believe that God spoke to both me and Andy at the beginning of this adoption about adopting both children.  God is faithful to what He promises!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Change of Plans!

Last week we received the good news that we were cleared by all parties to move forward with Will's adoption.   In other words, we could travel to Moldova and begin the 30 day bonding process.  Then we began to sense the urgency from our contact in Moldova for one of us to travel to Moldova within the next couple of days, so Andy is leaving Sunday.  We don't really know what this means as far as future trips or the remainder of the process.  Please pray that God clears the way for Andy to meet both children and get the last of the paperwork on Lena.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Thanks to all of you who have asked and prayed for us on this journey of bringing Will and Lena home.  On Tuesday of this week, it looked like we would leave this Sunday.  By Wednesday morning, we were told that we should not travel at this point.  This morning, we made the decision to postpone our first trip until around Dec. 30.   I wish I could give you a simple explanation about why things change from day to day and why we haven't been able to travel already.  But I can't.  It would be quite a long post and your eyes would start glazing over in the middle and your head would start nodding.  Therefore, I will spare you the details.

Now, we are continuing to push to receive the remainder of the information on Lena and a formal referral from Moldova.  We thought that piece of information had been received and we even sent an acceptance letter.  But we were WRONG!

A praise is that Will has been approved by the US to be adopted by us!  However, Moldova hasn't received the Article 5 that they need from our govt.  to allow us to meet him.  We are still chasing this rabbit!

Since my last post, God has really given me a peace about Him being in control, so I really appreciate all of you who have been praying for me.  He gave me a verse from Psalm 91:11:  For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways.  This verse brought so much comfort to me and I am clinging to it.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


There is a short movie out about how children with no families are STUCK in orphanages around the world even when they have families waiting on them.  This is where we are!  In my last post, I related that the official referral had been received on Lena and we were excited about moving forward.  Well, we are not sure if it is the official referral because we have not received the translated document yet!  In addition, Moldova is now requiring an additional letter from our State Dept. to clear us to travel even on Will.

Unless we receive key documents by Nov. 12, we will not travel until the end of Dec/first of Jan.  If we receive info by Nov. 12, we will leave Nov. 16.  Waking up everyday and wondering if this will be the day when we receive the information has been challenging.  We've had their names and pictures for a year now which has made us all the more anxious to meet them.

This process has really challenged my faith.  Do I really believe God is in control and He has the very best plan?  I have to say that there are times when I think I know best.  I panic about the kids being behind especially academically and think one more day in the orphanage means one further day behind.  Surely God realizes this so why isn't He orchestrating this adoption sooner?  Research says that for every three months in an orphanage, a child is delayed by one month, so basically a child would at least be 1/3 behind if all other factors were constant.  Will is six but will be more like a four year old.  Lena is three but will be more like a two year old.  Doesn't God see the urgency in this?!?!  Wouldn't it have been great to have celebrated their birthdays with them in September and Christmas in December?

I don't have the answers but when I struggle with the unknowns, I am reminded of God's faithfulness.  I am reminded of how He has never forsaken me, that He loves Lena and Will unconditionally, that He created them, and that yes, He really does know best because of WHO HE IS!   I hope He doesn't get tired of "gently" reminding me as the journey continues.  We appreciate your continued prayers.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Finally Some Movement!

We finally got some good news yesterday!  The Ministry in Moldova has released all of the info on Will that we need to move forward.  It has been translated to English and we should be receiving it in the mail today.   YAY!  The Ministry also released enough info on Lena that will allow us to officially accept her as a referral and move forward.  By releasing this info., we assume they have removed her from Moldova's National registry for adoption and is now available for international adoption.  She was originally to be available for international in June of this year.  Once this info is translated and we submit an acceptance letter, they SHOULD release the remaining of her info that will allow us to move forward with our government (this is where we are with Will now).

We did learn that I have to stay in Moldova for 30 days for the first trip.  We were hoping they would require less time but they are holding firm.  Andy will travel with us (Hope and I), meet the children and get us settled and then come home.  There will be a court hearing after the 30 day period, so Andy will fly back to Moldova for that and then Hope and I will come home with him.  At this point, we are thinking that we will travel the end of October or first of November.

We are not clear on how much time will be required before we make the second trip to bring Will and Lena home.

Thanks to all of you who have prayed for us and please continue.  We still have so many challenges and ahead and we know the hardest part will come when we actually bring the kids home!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Not Much to Update!

So many people have asked us about Will and Lena, and we are so thankful for the interest.  We had a little movement last week.  We finally received the information that would allow us to say "yes" we want to adopt him!  We are still waiting on this for Lena.  Once we receive this, we "think" the rest of the process is as follows:

Ministry in Moldova sends us information that is required for us to file forms with US Immigration.
US Immigration will send us an approval saying we can adopt Lena and Will.
US Immigration will send an Article 5 to Moldova verifying their approval.

If we are not required to jump through any more hoops with Lena having had TB, then we should be able to make our first trip.  Doesn't this sound simple?  It does to me!  However, the problem is that for whatever reason, the Ministry is in no rush to get it done.  It took over 2 months to receive the info on Will (paragraph 1).  Please pray that someone in the Ministry who has authority will be motivated to quickly move things along.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Surprised and Rejoicing!

In our last post, we explained that the Ministry of Social Protection in Moldova had placed a condition in regards to Lena which appeared very difficult.  I am thankful to let you know that this roadblock was handled last week thanks to prayers and our very tenacious advocate in Moldova, Albina!  We were told that it would happen but it is hard to have much confidence in the Ministry but it was done!  God is faithful!

Now, I want to share another incredible story.  Lena was moved to a sanatorium several months ago due to having Tb.  This really "rattled" us because in addition to learning she had Tb, we had no idea of the conditions, treatment, etc. of this place.  Last week we were told that the Tb was persistent and her little body could not get rid of it.  Well, I receive a call today from our agency.  Lena tested negative for Tb last Thursday and was moved back to her orphanage which is the same as Hope's orphanage!  We don't have this in writing but were just blown away by the news.  There is really no way to explain this except to give God the glory and know He orchestrated this.  Thank you Lord!  While Hope's orphanage was very underfunded and lacking in even the basics, we were touched by the concern and love of the caregivers, so that is a blessing as well.

We still have lots of hurdles.  For example, since Lena had Tb, we will have to jump through all kinds of hoops to get her to the US and we still have no paperwork.  However, it is very clear that God is at work and people are praying so we have hope that before too long, we will make our first trip and meet our new son and daughter.

Jer. 32:17 Ah, sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm.  Nothing is too hard for you!

In the meantime, we are blessed beyond measure.  Hope began Kindergarten, Beth started 10 grade and our oldest, Dow, moved to Auburn for his Freshman year.

Moving our oldest, Dow, into college at Auburn

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Roadblock!

In Wes Stafford's book Too Little to Ignore he talks about how orphans/vulnerable children are easy targets for Satan.  They have very little voice, no political connections, do not contribute economically or possess any power.  Therefore, orphans are unprotected, uncared for, and often times not even noticed or acknowledged.  It is easy for Satan to fill their minds with the deception that there is no Hope.

I truly believe that is a big reason that adoption is so difficult.  Satan wants to hang on to those children so they never learn about the Hope of the world, Jesus Christ.  It seems as if this is evidenced in almost every adoption story that I know.  Families go through challenge after challenge in order to bring children home.  I am thankful for so many families who do not give up and God brings victory in their pursuit.  There is story after story where God intervened in an amazing way to bring these children home.

Having said that, we got some disheartening news this week about the two children (Will and Lena) that we are in the process of adopting.  All we need in order to go forward with Will's adoption is for SOMEONE in the Ministry of Social Protection in Moldova to make copies of info they already possess and release to us. We continue to wait.  In regards to Lena, the Ministry has placed a condition in her case that must be met before we can move forward.  Without going into detail, we need a miracle! Without God's intervention the Ministry probably will not take the necessary steps or they will take months to get this accomplished.

They have all of our information, know we want both children, and know we have had a successful adoption from Moldova with Hope.  They have chosen to place this roadblock in our path that makes absolutely no sense and will accomplish very little if anything at all.

We could focus on the injustice of it all and become angry and frustrated.  However, we know without a doubt that God is leading us on this journey and believe that Lena and Will are our children.  We are believing God (not just believing in Him)!  He is certainly bigger than this road block and any of the "players" involved.  We have the Power of the Resurrection on our side!!!  We are looking expectantly of how God is going to work this out - it should be interesting.  We invite you to join us in praying that we would remain focused on Jesus and that He will be glorified through this!!!  Please also pray for our patience for God to move - it is hard!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013


Well, it is July 5th and we have not made our first trip to Moldova.  We were told that Lena (our little girl) would be off the national registry at the end of May but then were told it would be the end of June.  We are also waiting on the Ministry in Moldova to release information that will allow us to file yet another application with the US Govt.  So, we are just playing the waiting game.  It may be the first of September now before we can make our first trip.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Well, we thought we would make our first trip to Moldova in June but it doesn't look like that will happen.  I think I mentioned this before but children in Moldova (and other countries) are required to be on a national registry for adoption for a certain length of time.  Once this time frame is complete and a national family hasn't adopted then they are available for international adoption.  We were told Angelina would be available by the end of May but now the country is saying it will be the end of June.  Moldova has undergone recent elections which are always complex and drawn out.  From what I hear things are settling down and hopefully adoptions will resume.  The last year a child was adopted from Moldova through our agency was 2011.  The country now has new procedures for adoptions but we are not real sure what they are!

Having explained that, it looks like we will make our first trip either the end of July or August.  It is really hard not being able to plan this trip with all that we have going on with Andy's work, Dow starting Auburn in the fall, and Beth going to Haiti for a month and then returning to Trinity in August.
However, this is the least of my concerns.  There are times when I am so overwhelmed by the magnitude of adding two more children to our family.  When I think about the reality of this, I almost can't breathe and begin to reeeaaaallllyyyy panic! All sorts of things run through my mind:

     how will I have the energy?
     will I be able to be a good mom to Dow when he is in college?
     how will I be there for our teenage daughter, Beth?
     will I ever have any more special times with Hope - just the two of us?
     how will this impact our marriage?
     will I ever make it to exercise again?
     how will I ever have another quiet time with God?
     how will we even make it to church on time or make it all?
     will I be able to maintain other relationships with friends, etc?
     how will we be able to teach Angelina and Will all they need to know and are behind on?

Well, I guess you get the picture!  Then I am reminded that God did not give me a spirit of fear and I think about the Cross and all of the Power and Love that it represents and I calm down.  God gently reminds me that He has called us to do this and His strength is sufficient in my weakness.  I think if I am going to fear anything, it would be disobeying God's call.  I had rather be facing trials and challenges in the center of God's will than facing a broken relationship with Christ for disobedience.

Those moments of fear still come, but then I quickly think about the Cross.  I was also reminded through a devotion by Henry Blackaby that further explained the Fruit of the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit will lead me to the identical PEACE that guarded the heart of  Christ as He was beaten and mocked and prepared for the cross.  When I think about Jesus having peace in His circumstances, I know the Holy Spirit is able to bring about that peace in my life as well.  So thankful to be a child of the KING, adopted into His family and given the keys to His Kingdom and all that my inheritance provides!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May Update!

When we began the process to adopt two unrelated children, we knew Moldova had to approve and our agency had to approve.  Moldova approved it early on, so we assumed our agency had as well.  I was called recently by our adoption worker and was informed that the agency's adoption committee would be meeting regarding our request of two unrelated children.  I was asked to write an appeal to the policy for the committee to consider.  I wasn't surprised about needing to do this but was surprised that it was so late in the process.  However, we both knew that God has plans for these two children to be part of our family, so we just left it in His hands.  He is faithful as always, and we were approved.
We do have to submit a second dossier but this mostly will be copies of the first but will just need new notarizations and another trip to the Sec. of States office to get them apostilled.  Paperwork I can do - this will be an easy fix.  We were told we will make our first trip in June but still do not know exact dates or for how long.

This past week we also celebrated Hope's 4th Gotcha Day.  We celebrate this day by releasing one balloon for each year she has been with us.  We also eat at Bonefish Grill where Hope loves the bread and drawing on the "tablecloths."  Hope has and continues to be such a blessing to our family.  I am so thankful to be her Mother.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

USCIS Approval!

We have been waiting on our USCIS/Homeland Security approval for adoption, and I just had a feeling that it would come in the mail on Friday.  Andy and I left for Haiti early Friday morning but had Dow and Beth checking the mail.  Guess what?  It came, and we got our approval letter.  Now we are just waiting on Moldova to say we can travel for our first trip.  We still do not know how long we will stay in Moldova - it could be up to 30 days.  Please pray that since we have successfully adopted once from Moldova that they will not require that long.

Our newest addition to the family - Hope's dog Max (short for Maximus)

He had been digging in the dirt.  Max is a Cavapoo (cross between Cavalier King Charles and a Poodle

Hope ready for her first gymnastic show
Telling Dow a secret

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Adoption Update!

 We are still in the "waiting" stage.  US Immigration (Homeland Security) had a question about our Home Study, so hopefully this info will be submitted to them next week. While all of our info has been in Moldova for about six weeks, US Immigration has been reviewing our home study in order to approve us for adopting.  We have our second round of fingerprinting on Monday, April 29 in B'ham and then we should receive our approval letter from US.

As far as Moldova, I learned a few more things this week.  Moldova was without a President and a Parliament for some time but now those have been filled.  Their departments are referred to as "ministries."  The heads of these ministries did very little during the time of uncertainty with ruling officials not in place.  The adoption agency's contact has not been allowed in the orphanages for some time which explains why none of our questions have been answered.  Our contact is beginning to see some activity in moving ahead with adoptions.  Please pray for favor from the Moldovan officials to approve our adoption and allow us to make our first trip.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

No News!

Not much going on and we can't seem to get answers.  I know this probably sounds very familiar to many of those of you who've  adopted or are in the process.  Our dossier has been in Moldova for translation several weeks!  Still no word other than "they continue to work on our case."  We received our appt. for biometrics (second set) in Birmingham which is required by US Immigration/Homeland Security.  However, we had a conflict and have requested another appt.  They have been very timely so far, so I hope this does not slow us down.  I would say we are at the mercy of governments but we know who works all things out for the best!  God is in charge of this process; however, this is hard to remember at times!

Hope in the snow in Deer Valley, Utah

Hope in her skiing gear minus her skis
Hope and Mom tubing 

Easter:  Beth, Hope and Dow

Silly Hope

The Birchfield Family

Hope with her very special cousin, Matthew

Monday, March 18, 2013

Exciting Update!

While our home study took longer to get completed than we had hoped, we finally mailed the approved, notarized and apostilled copy to our placing agency in North Carolina on Friday.  This was the last piece of the dossier needed in order to send all of our paper work to Moldova.  We have been told that they are waiting on home study and ready to move forward!  We also sent our approved home study along with an application referred to as the I800a to US Immigration on Friday.  We also need permission from this agency to adopt.  This will include another round of fingerprinting at a special office in B'ham which is by invitation only!  We are getting excited.  We hope to make our first trip in June and bring the Children home on the second trip which we hope to be in August.  Of course, this is all according to "our timeline."

For those of you who haven't seen Hope recently, I included a pic of her in traditional Moldovan clothes.  Her kindergarten class at Eastwood Christian School presented a program in which they traveled around the world.  In May, Hope will have been home with us for four years!  She will be six in June.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our Adoption Call!

In November of 2011, Andy and I began to sense God's call to adopt.  Once again, I presented my case to God that we were too busy with Children's Hope and could barely keep up with the growing ministry.  Thankfully, God is gracious and reminded for the umpteenth time that He was in charge and my job was to be obedient.  He knew better than I did the challenges ahead and the needs of the ministry and what it would mean to enlarge our family.

Andy and I shared this with the kids and they were immediately on board.  Their request was a little brother from an African country.  However, a couple of months later, God spoke through the Holy Spirit to me during a quiet time that we were to return to Moldova for this second adoption.  There was not doubt that God has spoken to me, so I called Andy and he said okay!

I immediately called our adoption agency in North Carolina and was told that they were not taking any applications for Moldova at that time.  We were told that the Ministry of Social Services in Moldova was dragging their feet in clarifying their new adoption laws.  As a result, CAS did not feel they could take a family's application without being up front with them on the requirements.  They had three families already stuck in the middle of Moldova adoptions due to the changes, and they did not want other families to experience this.  Of course, I was thinking, okay God, what is up with this?  You clearly told me Moldova!  Thus, began my monthly check in with CAS about any headway the Moldovan Gov't may have made with finalizing adoption changes.

A couple of months later, Beth wanted to verify with me that we would be adopting a girl.  I stopped in my tracks!  I realized that when I thought about the adoption I always had a vision of a little girl and a little boy close in age.  When Beth asked this, my thoughts came very real and concrete.  I shared this with Beth and she immediately asked, "have you told Daddy."  My response was that I just didn't think I could tell him.  I mean ever adopting one more child was going to be a stretch in every way imaginable; how could we handle adopting two.

I prayed that if I was right about this, that God would speak to Andy completely independent of me.

In October of 2012, I made my monthly call to CAS after seeing an update on their website about a little movement in Moldova.  They shared with me about two children with special needs that they had just received info. on.  The little boy was five and the little girl was two.  They shared this information with me as an either/or choice having no idea about my sensing that we were to adopt two children close in age and one boy and one girl.  I still needed Andy's independent affirmation and continued to pray.

We shared the info on the two children with the kids and began regular prayer/family meetings.  Beth nor I shared the idea of adopting both.  Andy would discuss the practical side of adopting the two yr. old and then later he thought maybe it would be better to adopt the five yr. old.  Then one day, he called and said, "I think we need to adopt both of them!"  I was driving and almost lost control of my emotions.  I finally shared with him my "visions" and how God had been leading me.  We were both so overcome with God's goodness and love and how He answers prayer!  I hope I never grow jaded by the wonders of our Heavenly Father!  I can't really express my emotions during and after that phone call.  I will also play it over in my mind as we journey through this adoption process knowing that was such confirmation of God's calling.

As soon as I could, I called CAS and told them we wanted to adopt both children.  This took them by surprise but they were ready to accept our application.  Thus, the journey began!

I can't post pics of the children at this point but can share some pics of our current family members.

The Birchfields at Christmas 2012

Dow, Beth and Andy after just completing the TreeTop Adventure at Callaway Gardens, Dec. 2012

Hope at Christmas, 2012 (she is five and 1/2)