Monday, March 31, 2014

Time in Between!

Over the past years, I have learned so much more about adoption and all that entails.  For the past week I have been thinking about the time in between meeting your child and actually bringing him/her home. In international adoption, many countries require two trips: the first is to spend time with your child and have a formal meeting of some kind with officials and the second is bringing the child home.  With Hope, we waited about 4 weeks in between trips but she was young that she did not comprehend the wait.  I don't Lena understands her adoption situation either but Will certainly does.  So….. I am wondering does he wake up every morning thinking this might be the day.  Is someone at his orphanage reminding him that we are coming back?  And when?  Does he wonder if it really is going to happen?  Does he think about what his life will be like?  Does this scare him or excite him?  Does he realize he will not see his "group" or caregivers probably ever again?

This "time in between" doesn't make a lot of sense to me but it is what it is!  It is hard on us but for a child old enough to understand, I think it might be even a more difficult time.  I sent an email to our facilitator today asking her to make sure someone at Will's orphanage knows the date of our return and can remind him daily or as needed.  I pray this will be done, because it breaks my heart to think of him wondering "are they really coming back?"

Friday, March 21, 2014

It is Official!

We knew when we woke up this morning that we should have news regarding the adoptions.  The continued hearings would have been held about 3 a.m. our time.  Andy immediately started emailing, calling and texting.  He finally got Albina and thought she said we got favorable rulings with a 30 day appeal period but her English is difficult to understand and she was in a hurry.  She said she would call back once she got the paperwork at the Court completed.  Finally, after more texting, calling and emailing Andy finally received the orders in Romanian!  We will be traveling back to Moldova around May 4 to bring the children home!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


The weeks that Andy was in Moldova prior to my coming were spent negotiating a court hearing, strategizing, attempting to understand the Moldovan legal/court system, and making daily visits with Lena and Will.  He was also stayed on top of work matters and some very hard issues regarding Children's Hope.  The original plan was to have the court hearing on Will scheduled for either March 6 or 7.  We also hoped that he could persuade the court to allow me to me absent from the hearing to avoid my return to Moldova alone.  Andy was scheduled to return home on Saturday, March 8.

However, despite his very hard work, our plans did not come to fruition.  I traveled to Moldova on March 8 and arrived Sunday, March 9.  The hearing for Will was to be held at 11:30 on Monday.  We were told there was a small possibility that the hearing on Lena might take place later in the day or on Tuesday but come prepared to WAIT!

Will's hearing surprisingly began roughly on time with the judge dismissing our facilitator (Albina), and two translators we had hired.  The judge called in a different translator who was familiar with translating Romanian and Russian but not English.  Fortunately, our attorney spoke excellent English and was able to translate with the designated translator got stuck.

With the new adoption law in Moldova, a prosecutor is required to attend.  One of our translators went by her office this morning to make sure she was coming.  She argued that she was not required.  However, our translator persuaded her that she was indeed required to be there and that the hearing would be rescheduled without her.

Will's hearing seemed to have gone well.  Once it was over, the judge went immediately to Lena's hearing.  We were really pleasantly surprised!  While our time ran out before the judge could address the prosecutor and representative from Children's SErvices, Andy and I were addressed and answered questions from the judge.  Since the prosecutor and Children's Services had no questions for us, the judge continued both hearings until March 21 but our presence will not be required.  At that time, we hope to get rulings on both children and learn how long the appeal period will be.  The appeal period can be up to 60 days.  At the end of the appeal period, we can return to Moldova and bring the children home.

One funny concern of Wills about the trip home is riding in the airplane.  At first he was excited about it but someone mentioned to him that you had to be tied down in the seat.  Andy tried to explain it was a buckle that went across your lap.  Andy said he was still concerned about it the next day but he reminded Will that Hope had done it and this seemed to convince him that he could too.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Meet Angelena Grace!

I have not posted any pics of Lena because the situation with her adoption has been questionable.  However, following the hearing yesterday I feel that I can.  Meet Lena!  We had both hearings yesterday and the judge will follow up with another hearing on both cases on March 21.  We do not have to be present for it.  Whenever the judges makes her ruling, there will be up to a 60 day appeal period until we can return and bring the children home.