Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Catching Up - November 2015

Will finished his first season of soccer with Eastwood School.  He loved playing and his coaches were terrific!  He also got to attend some day camps with Coach Bruno at FC Montgomery.

Hope enjoyed learning about Squanto during the month of November.  Her class read the book and then had a special Squanto Reading at the end along with a party.  Hope had the privilege of welcoming guests to the Reading.  Hope loves Ms. Ford and 2nd grade!

Hope welcoming the guests!

Lena continues to love K4 and Mrs. Barganier's class.  They get to do all kinds of fun things in K4 and K-Plus.  She is learning about so many different things!

We also had a good Thanksgiving week being at the lake and then a visit to the farm.

The kids also got to help PawPaw Tony pick some carrots with lots of big, bushy leaves!