Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer 2015!

Our summer started off with me buying school supplies on the second day of summer vacation!  That gives you an idea of how summer started from my perspective!  We are still facing challenges and some days this summer were extremely difficult.  None the less, I think the kids had fun and that is what this post will focus on.

After a trip to the beach, Hope and Will attended Vet Camp through AUM.  They loved it and loved their teacher.  The week ended with a pet parade.  My wisdom of taking one dog instead of all three prevailed over the cries and pleas of Hope and Will, so Max was the only dog to experience the parade:).

Will and Hope with doggy Max

Then Hope had the wonderful privilege of going to The Little Mermaid at the AL Shakespeare  Festival with her Mimi Carole and beloved cousin Matthew!  Hope also continued with her art lessons with Mrs. Nedra.
Hope loved the play!

An example of Hope's art work!

Will continued with guitar lessons this summer with Mr. Jason and continued to make progress.  Will's big accomplishment this summer was passing his swimming test at Wynlakes and being able to go down the big slide.  Will also was fitted with hearing aids in June and we have seen a great improvement in his hearing and in his speech.  He also had three cavities filled and three pulled all in one trip to the dentist and didn't miss a beat!

Will receiving his band for passing the swim test!
Will getting ear mode for hearing aids.

Lena was able to attend St. James UMC K4 program this summer three mornings a week.  She loved it and I can't say enough good things about St. James' program.  While she didn't learn to swim, she did get very good at going under the water!  Hopefully, next year will be her year to learn.  The three kids spent a lot of time at the Wynlakes pool and our sweet friend, Katherine Rowell, often volunteered to take them.  Thanks Kat!

Will, Hiope and Lena with Kat!

I finally got to pull those school supplies out when Eastwood started on Aug. 13 (Yay!!!).  Lena is in K4, Will is in 1st and Hope is a big 2nd grader!  We are so thankful for Eastwood's leadership and the Christ-like teachers!  We are looking forward to a great year!

Will, Hope and Lena on the first day of school!