Sunday, August 7, 2016

Beach Trip, June 2016

We returned to the Beach Club at Pensacola again this year.  It seems to suit our family well and we really enjoy Pensacola!  Since this was Lena's and Will's second trip to the beach, they knew a little bit more of what to expect.  Lena was still scared of the ocean but got a little more comfortable at the end of the week.  Of course, she would hold on to us with a really strong "death grip" while in the ocean!  The weather was good with no rain at all.  Unfortunately, Andy and Beth had to leave after just two days.  This was a real bummer but thankfully, Viola was with us and she enjoyed spending time with the kids at the beach and in the pool.

Besides eating out, we hung around the Beach Club (plus made numerous trips to Walmart) most of the time.  The big event was going on a dolphin excursion.  After  a long boat ride in the Gulf of Mexico, we saw a significant number of dolphins.  They would swim right by the boat usually in pairs and the kids went crazy every time (well, all of us did actually)!  It was very exciting!
Will enjoying the waves!
Andy, Beth, Will, Hope and Lena

Loving the sand!

Viola with the kids!

All ready to see dolphins!

Loving the sand!