Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jesus Loves Me!

Hunting eggs
Hope in her first Easter dress

Precious in pig tails

Hope enjoyed celebrating her first Easter. She was very curious about dyeing eggs, but enjoyed every minute. She really loved putting stickers on one particular egg, but hunting for eggs was her favorite. She immediately got the hang of it and placed them gently in her basket. The highlight of her Easter was spending it with her cousin, Matthew (Hope says Mashew). She adores him!

I couldn’t help but remember last Easter. We left for our first trip to Moldova immediately after the morning church service. I had such a hard time leaving Dow and Beth. When I think back, I can hardly believe we made not only that trip but the second which brought even more difficulties.

It is so true that when the Lord gives us a task, He provides all that we need. There is no way we could have even made the first step to adopt without His strength much less have faced all that was ahead of us. If you sense the Lord calling you to do a certain job, task or assignment , but feel that you just can’t do it, you are correct. You can’t do His work on your own and have the results that He desires. However, you can do anything according to His will through His strength and power.

Hope has really started to sing songs like the ABC song and Barney song. However, today we heard her singing “Jesus Loves Me.” That was really music to our ears!!! She is also counting to 10 and knows all of her colors. Her eating has even picked up a little. She is loving these beautiful days and playing outside. We have never been more convinced of how important a family is to the growth and health of a child. She i