Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fun Times in December, 2014!

We are so blessed for all of the people who have loved on, accepted, and given in many ways to Lena and Will over these past seven months.  All during Christmas, I was made even more aware of this through parties at school, knowledge gained from their Sunday School teachers about the Christmas story, and neighbors and friends who had fun events planned for them.  It was fun listening to Hope tell Will and Lena all about Santa Clause and Will ask her a 100 questions!  Sharing our family traditions with them reminded me how blessed we are as a family.  Will's face when the Living Christmas Tree at church lit up was priceless.  Lena loved wearing her special Christmas outfits.  We had about six countdown to Christmas items going on like Advent calendars, putting pieces of nativity together, etc.  Will kept asking when was the snow coming - I kept saying it wasn't but he still kept asking!  In fact on Christmas Eve day, he said I can't wait until tomorrow.  Out of curiosity I asked him what was going to happen and he said, "It is going to snow!"

December 1st of last year, Andy made a trip to Moldova and first met Will and Lena.  The Ministry of Social Protection in Moldova would not release paperwork on Lena.  This trip was vital in getting the paperwork.  For those of you who walked the adoption journey with us, you know it was very challenging.  In fact, our agency who was able to complete adoptions for three families during this window of Moldova reopening adoptions announced recently they were closing their program with Moldova.  As far as I know, they are the only agency in the US or any other country who was able to complete any adoptions during this time.  I can only guess that our agency made this decision due to the difficulty that they encountered in working with the Moldovan govt.  Dossiers were returned to families  in the program leaving them with hard decisions to make.  Given this, I am even more amazed at how God orchestrated the adoption of Will and Lena and the perseverance of Andy to see it happen!  This month more than ever, I think about where they were last year and what their future would have been like without God's intervention.  And I am humbled to be a part of His work.  This is not to say that the journey is easy; my nerves get frayed, I lose patience, and I constantly fail to surrender but God uses ordinary people with weaknesses and faults.  For this, I am grateful!  Praise the Lord for His mercies!

Will's class at Wesley Gardens singing carols.  Will's music teacher in Moldova had an accordion that was duct taped together.
Our neighbor, Hope Mardre helped the kids make wooden tree ornaments and gingerbread houses!
Our friends, the Rowells, invited the kids over to make cookies.  This is Katherine and Lena!
The kids giving Santa ornaments that they made - Lena's idea!
Kids with Santa.  We had to hurry Will along because of all of the questions he was asking Santa!
Making cookies at our house
Having our traditional Christmas Eve Day brunch at Cracker Barrel
Hope is pumped about meeting the camel at the live nativity scene.
Will working diligently at the Rowell's house on his cookies.
Will giving his card to a resident at Wesley Gardens
Christmas party at Looney's
Hope's 1st grade party at Eastwood

Hope's class playing a fun Christmas game!

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Little Piggy Opera 2014!

Every year, the kindergarten classes at Eastwood School puts on the cutest play called The Little Piggy Opera.  It ties in Colossians 3:23 which says "Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men."  This year, we had the privilege of watching Will make his acting debut as the little pig who built his house out of sticks.  What a thrill to watch him and think about God's grace that brought him from where he was last Christmas to where he is this year.  Thanks to everyone who continues to love Will!

Waiting patiently for his part

Finally, it is his turn!

Will and first little pig meeting the big bad wolf

Telling big bad wolf "NO WAY"

Beth and Will

Even Mrs. Dora got to come!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything!

First of all, I want to update everyone on Will's ear situation.  We went back to the ENT at Children's on Tuesday, and the fluid behind his surgery ear was gone so his eustachian tubes are working!  Also, the non surgery ear was not infected (I think this may be the first time since he has been home!).  Soooo, we have the tympanoplasty scheduled on his second ear Dec. 18th.  We are so grateful for this and are praying that this surgery is successful.  This ear basically has no ear drum do to the hole being so big and will be more detailed than the other.  Prayers appreciated.  His hearing in the surgery ear was in the normal range with some room for improvement.

Will and Lena are experiencing so many new things - it is fun to watch.  Of course, Will has to know every single detail about everything!  I am sure this will serve him well at some point!!!  But there is a lot of explaining going on constantly at our home.  While his English is phenomenal for 7 mos in the US, it is still challenging to explain to him things he has no idea about.  Lena, on the other hand, just goes with the flow mostly.  I have to give a pat on the back to Hope.  She has done so well adjusting to siblings for which we are so thankful.

Will is doing so well in school and so is Hope!  Lena is doing well at home in learning letters, numbers, counting, colors, shapes.  We are working on writing letters and the sound they make.

Thanks to all of you who continue to keep us in your prayers.  Everyday, I benefit from your intercession, because adoption is so much more than just expanding your family.  It is about relationships, adjustments, likes and dislikes, losses and gains, fears, personalities, new traditions, and lots and lots of medical appts!  It is also about seeing your children experience so many things for the first time and watching them become part of a family and society!  Praising God for my adoption and the promise of eternal security as we pray for all of our children to become part of God's family.

Will's first school program
Hope's first grade Pilgrim Feast
Will and Lena's first wedding (my niece Kayla)
Lena and Will's first Thanksgiving - with all the Birchfield cousins
Searching for just the right tree and yes, they are in their PJs and Crocs!
Couldn't resist a pic with the blow up Santa

Lena loves Sunday School, especially snack time!