Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween and Horses!

Immediate attraction to horses!

First 4-wheeler drive
First Halloween

Hope enjoyed her first Halloween and even tolerated her “butterfly” costume well. At the Fall Festival at our church, she saw her first pony. She went a little “nuts.” If you think she looks as if she is crying, she was. However, it wasn’t because she was scared. She cried because she had to wait in line in order to get her turn on the pony. To say she loved riding it is an understatement. She rode a second time and then we tried to redirect her, but she would not cooperate. We had to leave in order to get her to calm down. She didn’t get the “waiting in line” concept. Everyone was teasing us about knowing what Hope would get for Christmas.

Soon after Halloween, we spent a day at the farm, and Hope didn’t hesitate in getting on the 4-wheeler. She loved it. She also enjoyed seeing real live cows and our big horse named Rosie. As you can tell, she looks right at home on Rosie and will ride forever.

Hope got ear tubes on Nov. 12th, so we are looking forward to being infection free and off antibiotics for awhile.