Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ski Trip: December 27 - Jan. 1

On December 27, our entire family headed to Park City, Utah to ski at our favorite resort, Deer Valley.  This was Will's and Lena's first time to fly since bringing them home from Moldova.  Packing for the trip was a major undertaking!  We arrived at night and driving through Park City from Kimball Junction was beautiful.  They really had decorated for Christmas and against the backdrop of the snow, the lights sparkled on the trees.  

It was extremely cold during the week but the snow was great!  Will and Hope attended ski school.  Hope did very well and was skiing greens without any problems except going too fast!  This was her second ski trip where she actually skied.  Will did really well for a beginner but his instructor said something about "not listening" very well.  Hmmm.....seems like I may have mentioned that a time or two to him as well!  We were not up for Lena going to ski school - just wearing the boots would have done her in but maybe next time!  They all three really enjoyed the snow and being out in it!  

A special thanks to some great friends who let us use their amazing home while we were there.  We even had a theater with a climbing wall!  We had a beautiful view of old Park City from the den and kitchen and enjoyed all the lights at night!

Hope after her first day of ski school
Beth with Will and Hope
Will, Lena and Hope making a snowman ( a little droopy though)!
The cold didn't seem to bother the kids - they loves it!
Beth, Hope and Dow
Will on his first day of ski school

Friday, February 5, 2016

December 2015!

We celebrated our second Christmas with Will and Lena!  It was a little less foreign to them this year; I was surprised at all they remembered from their first Christmas as Birchfields.  Lena amazed us all in how quickly she learned Christmas songs and how she remembered them from last year.  Will, of course, amazed us at how many questions he could ask!  Fortunately, Hope actually enjoyed answering his endless questions about Christmas.

Hope enjoyed singing with her class at John Knox!
This year they got to participate in the live nativity scene.  Will and Hope wanted to be shepherds so they could be with the animals.  Lena wanted to be an angel.  It rained on the night of the nativity scene but they got most of their hour in.  They loved it and want to be a part of it again next year!

Hope and Will as shepherds
Lena as an angel!

            Hope and Will entertained everyone by singing The Twelve DOGS of Christmas at the Colees on Christmas Eve!
The annual picture of the Birchfield and Colee children.
Will, Lena and Hope love Mr. Chip!
Will with his new bike!

Hope with her new bike!
Christmas morning was filled with lots of excitement and squeals and lot of "I love this!"  It was a good morning and fun seeing the excitement.  Will and Hope got their first bikes with breaks but adjusted to them without any problems.  We were so glad the weather was clear outside and they could ride on Christmas morning.  Andy recited the Christmas story and we enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eating Birthday cookie!
Lena with her new stroller and Itty Bitty twins with new outfits!
Having fun playing a game with the cousins on Christmas night!