Sunday, September 18, 2016

Summer Birthdays - 2016!!!!

We had so much fun celebrating birthdays this summer!  It is amazing how quickly they go by and we find ourselves celebrating another one.  For the most part, we have small, quiet family birthdays with our three little ones and they are just fine with that as long as they take place at the lake!  We do have some big plans for Hope's 10th birthday next year (more to come later)

 One of the best parts about a birthday is how the cake is going to be decorated!  One thing for sure, the cakes reflect their particular personalities and interests (at the time).  The sweet ladies at Renfroe's have been a big help with their cakes.

Even though the little ones are ages 9, 9, and 6 now, they are only within a couple of pounds and inches of each other.  We often get the question, "Are they triplets?'  It sure feels like it a lot of times!

Hope has been very interested in wolves for months now, so she has a wolf cake!

All five kids together - a rare occasion these days!

Hope with her new wolf puppy!

Will turned nine on September 7 and if you somehow missed that Will had a birthday, I am not sure what country you live in!  I think everyone knew!  Fortunately, Will has found a love for legos which is great since they keep him occupied!

Lena, Will (new fireman costume - birthday present), Viola and Hope

Will and Beth

Lena turned six and is growing up so much.  She loves being in Kindergarten, ballet and she learned to swim (really well) this summer!  She loves anything girlie which is a far cry from Hope's love of wolves!

Sweet Barbie cake!

Princesses napkins and plates

A jewelry box and ballet books

A ballerina doll (can't have enough dolls) and a fairy that twirls.

Wow, it really does twirl!

Helping to celebrate Lena's party is Mimi Carole, Andy, Hope, Will and Viola

One very special birthday we celebrated this year was Viola's.  Viola is our au pair from Germany and we got to help celebrate her 25th birthday!  Viola is a special part of our family and celebrating her is easy!!