Sunday, January 26, 2014


After a very challenging trip to Moldova, Hope and I are back home.  The trip brought unexpected challenges and revealed just how difficult adoption is in Moldova. I was overwhelmed!  There are a lot of personalities, unknowns, discrepancies, and new requirements involved.  We got to spend a lot of time with Will Marin and he is so ready to be part of a family.  He is a delightful little boy with a big personality and smile!  We look forward to having him be part of our family.  We did not spend much time with Lena and when we did, our visits were short.  She is a very busy three year old with a sweet little smile.

Overall, we feel that the adoption of Will will happen but there are still many challenges for Lena.  We hope to have a court hearing date soon for Will.  

I was extremely homesick!  This added to the pressure of being in a foreign country along with the many changes and unexpected events in the adoption process, our daily schedule and the language barrier caused me to have a hard time coping. I relied on all of you who were praying for me!  I knew that many, many people were lifting me up in prayer.  That is what sustained me, so thanks to everyone who prayed for me.  I really did feel that you all were holding the rope on my behalf.

Even during this difficult time, God took such good care of me and Hope in many ways.  A mission team from Montgomery (Heritage BC) was in Chisinau while we were there and Jeanne Tuley was able to spend a day with us.  There was also a Baptist Missionary couple in Chisinau (Chris and Nancy Russell) that helped out so much!  I continue to be so appreciative of people who sacrifice so much to be on the mission field.  We went expecting frigid temps and a lot of snow but fortunately, Moldova was experiencing very warm temps for this time of year and no snow (it turned much colder when we left and looks like they had snow)!  We also had the privilege of being blessed by a translator, Angela, who was so kind and gracious.  Finally, a huge, huge help to me was Ann Amster who flew over and spent six days with us.  I will be forever grateful to her!

Many people have asked if Hope remembered anything and the answer is No.  Lena is at the same orphanage as Hope but Hope never recognized anyone or anything and nothing triggered any kind of memory.  Some of the same workers were still there and they remembered her and were so glad to see her.  Hope was a trooper through the entire trip including the long plane rides.

This trip reminded me that apart from God, I am nothing and can do nothing. I was also deeply struck of how wonderful it is to be loved by God, my husband, my children, family and friends.  May I never take this for granted!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday in Chisinau!

Not much happening in Chisinau!  We are certainly not enjoying the sunshine, because there has been no hint of the sun shining.  The weather report says there is a chance of sunshine on Tuesday.   We will see.

Hope and I have made it three days without Andy and Beth.  They have not been easy.  I am very homesick!  Hope and I continue to visit Will everyday.  We have to make 30 visits before the court date .We have only seen Lena for two short visits.  I am not sure how things will work out with her or if they will work out.  It is a very trying situation.

Everyone is going to love Will Marin.  He has a great personality and full of life.  I explained through a translator that we wanted to add Will to his name and he was fine with it.  Now, he calls himself Will Marin.  We will eventually drop the Marin.

About 3:30 this afternoon, I tried plugging up a portable dvd player and something blew and all of our lights, internet, and heat went out.  Not getting an answer from the apt. manager, and not knowing how to explain to the security guard, I called a translator.  He left work to come by the apt. and got it all back on.  I had blown an outside breaker.  God is providing.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

More Pictures!

We have visited with Will Marin four times this week but we've only had one short visit with Lena.  There are issues with the director of her orphanage plus the minimal staffing during the New Year Holiday.  Hope and I are hoping to see her on Friday.

Will is such a pleasant boy and seems to be very bright.  He is a lot of fun and has a good sense of humor.  He and Hope could pass for twins almost.  Below are some more pictures.  Andy and Beth leave at 4:30 Friday morning, so please pray for safe travel and that I will let them leave!!!