Saturday, September 14, 2013

Not Much to Update!

So many people have asked us about Will and Lena, and we are so thankful for the interest.  We had a little movement last week.  We finally received the information that would allow us to say "yes" we want to adopt him!  We are still waiting on this for Lena.  Once we receive this, we "think" the rest of the process is as follows:

Ministry in Moldova sends us information that is required for us to file forms with US Immigration.
US Immigration will send us an approval saying we can adopt Lena and Will.
US Immigration will send an Article 5 to Moldova verifying their approval.

If we are not required to jump through any more hoops with Lena having had TB, then we should be able to make our first trip.  Doesn't this sound simple?  It does to me!  However, the problem is that for whatever reason, the Ministry is in no rush to get it done.  It took over 2 months to receive the info on Will (paragraph 1).  Please pray that someone in the Ministry who has authority will be motivated to quickly move things along.