Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two Years!

Two years ago today our lives were forever changed! On May 22, 2009 we took Hope out of the orphanage she had been in for 18 mos. She was almost two years old. I am thankful we have that time well documented, because it seems as if she has always been a part of us. I am so thankful that God chose us to be her family and that we were obedient! We are so grateful that we didn't miss out. I am thankful that I was once considered "the least of these" until my adoption into God's family. All Christians should be able to relate easily with the adoption process!

While these two years have not always been easy; in fact, they have been challenging, I would not trade them for anything. There are soooo many children around the world that need a loving home, and am so humbled that the Lord grafted her into our family. I heard her playing the other day and telling her stuffed animal about how much she loved her family. Our prayer is that one day she will be adopted into God's family. She told me the other day that she loved me BIGGGGG much! Talk about melting my heart!

Hope's transformation has been such a blessing to watch. She has gone from a sad little girl to one who has sooo much fun everyday regardless of what is on the agenda. Everything is an adventure ready for her to experience. Whether it is digging for rolly pollies or going on an airplane ride, she is ready! Hope is excited about turning four next month and ask us everyday if she is four yet. She is planning a Clifford party. Hope just hit the 25 lb mark which was cause to celebrate. Two years ago, she was 16.5 pounds, so she is growing.

Dow and Beth have done an incredible job as big sister and big brother over the past two years.
There love for her is so deep and their acceptance of her was immediate and has never faltered.
They even kept her for three days recently getting her ready for school, in bed, and hopefully fed:) They did a great job!

Thanks to everyone who loves Hope and continues to be interested in how she is doing. We are counting our blessings and you are definitely among them.