Saturday, November 7, 2015

October Happenings - 2015!

A lot has happened in the Birchfield house over the past month!  Lena lost her first tooth.  Will actually pulled it and I don't know who was more excited - Lena or Will!  She has another one very loose so she is doing a lot of wiggling of it!  Will is anxious to pull it too!

Lena lost her first tooth!
Lena continues to love school and her teachers.  She has mastered the monkey bars which is a huge achievement for her.  She enjoyed having pajama day at K4!  She loves all of the different activities that her teacher for K4 and KPlus plan for her class.  She is getting to experience and learn so much!

Will continues to take guitar lessons from Jason Givens who by the way is a great teacher!  Will is progressing and has learned so much in the past year!  Thanks to Jason who is so patient with Will and me!

Will and Jason
Will enjoyed his first ever Olympic Field Day at Eastwood.  He and Hope were on the Spartans and their team won the most Christ-like Award!

Will proudly carrying the Spartan flag!
Will and Hope pulling hard at Tug of War!

Hope having fun with the sack race!
Hope enjoyed Olympic Field Day also.  She and Will both did very well with all of the games and I was very proud of them both in their physical ability and attitude!  Hope continues to paint with Mrs. Nedra who she adores.  Below is one of her favorites.  Notice she has her own little way of doing her signature!

Wolf howling!
Hope also got to spend a day at Camp Chandler with her class.  The guides were great and made the activities so fun and educational.
Hope is just to the left of the guide!
Halloween was big fun!  Beth came home and she and several friends took the kids trick or treating.  Will was Captain America; Lena was Hello Kitty and Hope was a fox!

Lena, Will and Hope