Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Lena!

Although Lena turned 5 on Friday, September 11, she started celebrating her birthday when Will celebrated his on Sept. 7.  She actually got to celebrate a little all week.  When I ask her what was the one thing she wanted, she said a doll that talks.  I thought that would be an easy task, but finding a cute that talks proved to be a bit challenging.  The doll she ended up with is a Baby Alive which eats and drinks and makes messes in her diaper.  However, Lena does not know this, so shhh help me keep it that way.  Of course that was the first thing Hope said when she opened it up, so I gently put my hand over her mouth!  Who wants to buy diapers and food for a doll!  Anyway, Lena loved it and the doll talks all of the time.  With one slight push of her wrist, she goes on and on and on.  This is just what we need in our house - more noise!

Lena had a great birthday and was well celebrated!  She loved her Dora cake and other gifts and cards!

I also have to add that when she went for her five yr. old check up she didn't cry for the finger prick or her shots.  She said she was going to be brave and she was!

Her Dora birthday cake!  Chocolate - just like she requested!
One of her great gifts from g'parents!
Opening her last gift!
Yes, it is the Baby Alive minus the food which I had already removed!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday Will!

Will turned 8 years old today!  He said this was his second birthday but he did have one in Moldova.  Of course, he is talking about parties!  It is sad that he only remembers one birthday in Moldova!  He has been over the top excited but for those of you who know Will know it doesn't take much!  He spent the day swimming, riding on the boat and even skiing!

Priceless look!
Lena (Hello Kitty), Will and Hope with Gigi (great grandmother)
He is "crazy" about the Avengers and especially Captain America, so he had a Captain America cake.  One of his favorite gifts was a Captain America costume.  Dow, Beth, his grandparents and even great-grandmother were able to share this special day with him.

The Birthday Boy skiing!
Opening his Captain America costume