Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Warning - Lots of Cuteness!

The children recently had their pics professionally made by Emily Dudley (who is great by the way).  Let me just say that while these pics are great, it took a lot of effort and sweat to get them made!

I feel like I need to add a disclaimer to these pictures.  Our real lives on a daily basis are far from the calm and peacefulness of these pictures.  In fact, anyone who may have been looking in on our home Monday night or Tuesday morning would know what I am talking about.  We are dealing with some things we had no idea we would be dealing with; however, we are NOT dealing with some things that we thought we would be.  Bottom line,  adoption does not need to be glamorized.  Having said that, they are precious children made in the image of God and have already blessed our family in so many ways.  To watch them grow and learn and to see ourselves grow and learn is a blessing that can't be described!  They are amazing children and considering everything, they have adjusted remarkably well.  God is giving us a daily bounty of grace, patience and energy.  Thank you all for who continue to pray for us!

By the way, Will took a big step recently and he is riding with NO training wheels.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Good News!

Just a quick update and to thank you for your prayers.  Will was examined by a pediatric cardiologist yesterday and his heart murmur is simply a classic murmur and nothing to be concerned about.  Doctors are hearing it so well because he is so thin!

Also, today we were told by Lena's doctor at Children's Hospital that she never had TB.  A blood test called a t-spot was done on her and it was negative.  For some reason she was diagnosed in Moldova with TB and was placed in a sanatorium for a while.  We are giving God glory for these blessings!


Lena - her first Merry go Round ride

Neighbors and new friends: Will, Hope and Lena with the Denney kids (minus Kennedy): Davis, Kate and Dawson.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

This July 4th was extra special.  One reason is because our family has grown by two children that have now been American citizens for 8 weeks.  My appreciation for being an American has really grown in the last five years, so I was extra thankful to know that Lena and Will now have this privilege.  While I know our country has some serious issues, I have also had the experience of being in countries like Haiti and Moldova and have become more aware of the plight of other countries.  I am thankful that our three youngest children now live in a country where they have access to good health care, education, and Biblical teaching and living!  As I have learned to think more "globally" I have learned to be more thankful for my blessings.

My thanks goes out to so many who suffered and died for our country in years past and for those still serving.  Also, thanks to the families who have sacrificed and continue to do so.

While Will certainly doesn't understand all it means about being an American, he certainly enjoyed saying "Happy Birthday America"  about a thousand times.  He and Lena certainly know what the American Flag looks like now and they let everyone else know too!  They loved celebrating the 4th at the lake.  Will even loved the fireworks but Lena wanted no part in them!  We all missed our Beth though!  She is in Haiti for six weeks.  Two down and four to go.

Thanks for everyone who continues to pray for us.  It is really a miracle at how well they are adjusting and while the days are hard, we could be dealing with many more serious issues.  They are bonding, attaching, eating well, and sleeping well.

Lena and Will on their first kayak ride

Lena and Hope putting sunscreen on Caroline Colee and of course Will is telling them the right way to do it!

Hope learning to ski

Will learning to ski

Daddy with his little girls.


Will enjoying time with Pearson Colee

Will, Lena, and Hope wearing Mickey and Minnie (Will loves Mickey)

Will with big brother

Chris and Caroline Colee

Lena was just up for grass skiing

Hope made a new friend!