Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pics of Will Marin and Hope!

I am posting some pics of my trip to Moldova in January.  Hope and Will Marin got along well at "his house" as Hope calls his orphanage.  I hope they do as well when we bring him home.  I was very impressed with all that Will knows.  The director at his orphanage has done a very good job in making sure the children are educated.  He knows letters, numbers, shapes, animals/sounds, etc. in Romanian.  He also can draw all of his shapes, color, cut and then glue them on paper.  He knew exactly what I was asking him to do.  We also met his music teacher who uses an old accordion that is duct taped in places.  She was delightful and even played some songs for us so that Will could show off his singing and dancing.  She did not want to be photographed however!

When we were coloring and he got a teensy bit out of the lines, he would look at me and point.  I would say "its okay" and he would smile and shake his head.  This became a joke as the days went on and he would do it on purpose and say "its okay."  He is very orderly in that he wants to sort everything by color, etc. and he wants everything picked up before he moves onto something else.  I bet that doesn't last long when he comes home!  On the other hand, maybe Hope will pick up this trait!

Hope clapping for Will as he plays on the iPad

Outside of Wills house (as Hope calls it)

Front gate of orphanage

Hope and Will at the playground at Will's orphanage.

Cool swing!

Will and Hope enjoying bananas

Will Marin painting.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February Update!

Andy left last Thursday for Moldova planning to arrive in Chisinau on Friday.  When he arrived at the Frankfort Airport, he quickly discovered utter chaos.  The security personnel were on strike and the airport was basically shut down.  He quickly made reservations online at a hotel close to the airport.  This was quick thinking on his part, because by the time he got there the hotel lobby was slammed with people trying to get reservations.  Of course, he had no luggage with no promises of seeing it anytime soon!

He was finally able to fly out of Germany on Sunday and arrived in Chisinau but still without luggage. It finally arrived on Monday which was much sooner than expected.

He has been making visits with both children.  Our adoption coordinator is in Kiev of all places checking on her son.  We hope she returns to Chisinau on Wednesday.  I will join him as soon as we get a court date which we hope will be towards the end of next week.