Friday, April 18, 2014

Waiting Patiently!

People ask us if we are ready for Will Marin and Lena to come home, and my answer is "as ready as we can be."  The room is ready, clothes are washed and in the closet/drawers, doctors appts have been made, and they are registered for kindergarten/preschool for the fall.  We have hired someone to help full time when they arrive, I have a speech therapists set up and a wonderful kindergarten teacher to work with them this summer.  It sounds like we are ready, right!  However, no matter how many plans are made or details  considered, you still can't anticipate the changes and challenges that will come.

While we have spent time with both children, we really don't know them well nor how they will react once they leave the only home they have ever known and enter into a completely new "world."  Lena and Will will experience new voices, smells, sights, routines, germs, food, people, places, movements (like being carried on someone's shoulders), and so many other changes from small details to life altering.   It is hard to imagine what they are about to experience from their perspective but it is very important that we try in order to understand their emotions and behavior.

Please be praying for their adjustment and ours too especially Hope's.  She is excited but yet too young to grasp all the changes that adding Will Marin and Lena to our family will mean.  Actually, I don't know what all it will mean either but know God will be faithful and help us through the rough times and appreciate the good ones.

Andy, Dow and Beth will be leaving on Saturday, May 3 and will arrive in Moldova on Sunday, May 4.  They will arrive back home with both children on Saturday, May 10.  Hope and I will stay home.  As a family, we decided that I needed to be rested and at my best for when they arrive home.

I can't remember if I ever posted the referral pictures we received when we first started the process, so I am including them below.