Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hope's first hayride

Hope enjoyed Thanksgiving so much. She got to meet new cousins and was so friendly to her extended family. She has definitely settled in to being part of a family and believe me, feels very comfortable in expressing her wants and likes/dislikes. She has gotten very good at asking for juice, milk, etc. and saying no to what she doesn’t want. She is playing and interacting with other children and plays more pretend play. She continues to adore Elmo and animals.

She experienced her first hayride over Thanksgiving as well. She loves being at our farm in Dadeville. She may have a future as a jockey if she continues to loves horses and remains so petite.

We are introducing her to baby Jesus, Santa, and all that is Christmas.

She and I had a little accident involving scissors in which I received 15 stitches in my right index finger. Andy and I spent 5 hrs. in the ER waiting to get my finger stitched. In the meantime, Dow and Beth took over with Hope. Beth got her ready for bed. Dow read to and rocked her and then laid down with her until she was asleep. Beth took over again and slept with her. Andy and I got home at 2:00 am. I was so proud of Dow and Beth!!!