Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Roadblock!

In Wes Stafford's book Too Little to Ignore he talks about how orphans/vulnerable children are easy targets for Satan.  They have very little voice, no political connections, do not contribute economically or possess any power.  Therefore, orphans are unprotected, uncared for, and often times not even noticed or acknowledged.  It is easy for Satan to fill their minds with the deception that there is no Hope.

I truly believe that is a big reason that adoption is so difficult.  Satan wants to hang on to those children so they never learn about the Hope of the world, Jesus Christ.  It seems as if this is evidenced in almost every adoption story that I know.  Families go through challenge after challenge in order to bring children home.  I am thankful for so many families who do not give up and God brings victory in their pursuit.  There is story after story where God intervened in an amazing way to bring these children home.

Having said that, we got some disheartening news this week about the two children (Will and Lena) that we are in the process of adopting.  All we need in order to go forward with Will's adoption is for SOMEONE in the Ministry of Social Protection in Moldova to make copies of info they already possess and release to us. We continue to wait.  In regards to Lena, the Ministry has placed a condition in her case that must be met before we can move forward.  Without going into detail, we need a miracle! Without God's intervention the Ministry probably will not take the necessary steps or they will take months to get this accomplished.

They have all of our information, know we want both children, and know we have had a successful adoption from Moldova with Hope.  They have chosen to place this roadblock in our path that makes absolutely no sense and will accomplish very little if anything at all.

We could focus on the injustice of it all and become angry and frustrated.  However, we know without a doubt that God is leading us on this journey and believe that Lena and Will are our children.  We are believing God (not just believing in Him)!  He is certainly bigger than this road block and any of the "players" involved.  We have the Power of the Resurrection on our side!!!  We are looking expectantly of how God is going to work this out - it should be interesting.  We invite you to join us in praying that we would remain focused on Jesus and that He will be glorified through this!!!  Please also pray for our patience for God to move - it is hard!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013


Well, it is July 5th and we have not made our first trip to Moldova.  We were told that Lena (our little girl) would be off the national registry at the end of May but then were told it would be the end of June.  We are also waiting on the Ministry in Moldova to release information that will allow us to file yet another application with the US Govt.  So, we are just playing the waiting game.  It may be the first of September now before we can make our first trip.