Saturday, April 16, 2016

Meet Viola!!!

A wonderful blessing came our way on November 16, 2015 in the form of Viola Sophie Schmidt from Germany.  Through our friends, Joy and Cole Portis, we discovered Pro Au pair.  We had come to the point of realizing we needed someone living in our home if we were ever going to make further progress with the kids.  Andy was traveling a lot with work, I was really tired, and we were dealing with some behaviors that really needed to be focused on.  We began interviewing via Skype and praying about which au pair would best be suited for the Birchfields.  After several interviews, we made an offer to Viola.  Little did we know that other families had made offers to her as well.  However, we soon discovered that the Portis family was included among the families.  Viola was praying too and felt that we were the right family for her.

She arrived late on Monday night and Andy and I were able to pick her up from the Mtg. airport while Christy stayed with the kids.  We immediately felt a sense of assurance when first meeting her.  She met the kids the next day and they were instantly drawn to her.  Her family had sent gifts for the kids and us including chocolates, games, etc.  We didn't know it at the time but they had also sent Christmas gifts!

Over the next couple of weeks, Viola settled in and we got things taken care of such as car insurance, bank accounts, etc.  We were finally able to get her enrolled at AUM taking chemistry and biology.  She was able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with us and accompany us on ski trip to Deer Valley.

I am writing this exactly five months after her arrival because after the holidays, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue.  I have spent many hours in bed trying to recover.  Viola stepped right in and took on so much responsibility that I have been able to rest and begin to recover.  It is so amazing to know that God knew all of this would happen and He placed Viola in our home to care for the children in such an amazing way.  She loves the children so much and wants the best for each one of them.  She is truly our "angel of mercy."
Viola playing with kids and cousins at Christmas

Headed to the park for some soccer

Viola with Will, Dow and Hope

Viola and kids at Christmas

Viola took our Christmas picture for card this year.

Viola with our family at Cracker Barrel on Christmas Eve morning!

Viola and I skiing