Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January Happenings!

Well, January got off to a busy start but it seems that every month does!  I keep expecting things to slow down but I don't know why!  Lena started K3 at St. James UMC and is going three days a week.  This has been very good for her but even better for me.  She also started Leap Gymnastics at St. James one day a week and loves it.  She listens to her teacher, follows instructions, and stays where assigned.  Now if I could just get her to do that at home, because she can really be very difficult to manage at times.  However, she can be extremely loving and thoughtful, and she says the sweetest prayers!

Lena all ready for her first PJ and Teddy Bear day at Preschool!
Will was finally able to have his second tympanoplasty done on Jan. 15.  A big thank you to our pediatrician who helped to get his ear ready.  Even after weeks of ear drops, a round of antibiotics and a shot prior to the surgery date, Will still had some infection.  The surgeon decided to go ahead with it assuming that Will's ear may be as good as it was going to get re. infection.  During the surgery, the ENT discovered Will only had 5% of an eardrum, so he constructed a completely new one.  He also discovered that Will had a yeast infection due to all of the dampness from infections and he was able to treat that.  Will has been a trooper!  We will know in a couple of months if the surgery restores his hearing.

Will right after surgery - always smiling!

Hope is busy learning math facts and reading.  I continue to be blown away at the curriculum at Eastwood and all that Hope is learning.  Hope's favorite thing in all the world right now is that she is taking art lessons every Tuesday.  She counts down the days until she can go.  Since Hope is all about animals, her teacher lets her paint her favorites which is usually some kind of large cat.  We love seeing what she brings home every Tuesday.  Below are her first two projects using watercolor.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Eve and Day 2014

Christmas Eve was spent at a beautiful candlelight service at First Baptist.  It is always one of our family's most meaning Christmas experiences.  This year was especially special having all seven of us together each holding a candle at the end as we sang Silent Night.   Then it was over to the Colee's for a Christmas Eve feast and a fun sing along time.

When we arrived home, we got the kids in the pajamas as quickly as possible despite their excitement!  Beth had arranged an amazing fort in the playroom for all of the kids to sleep in with her.

On Christmas morning, it was so fun watching them open presents.  Will kept saying Santa did "gude."  He was really pumped about a bow and arrow set that he got.  He couldn't wait to shoot his bow with Dow at the farm!  Hope was excited about her dinosaur excavation kit and Lena loved her girly accessories.

After the Christmas story, a few books about Jesus Birthday, and a Happy Birthday Jesus cookie cake, the kids played most of the morning.  After lunch, it was off to the lake for Christmas dinner and time with family.

This was a bittersweet Christmas for me.  My Daddy died on May 10 which was the same day that Lena and Will arrived home.  I had not had time to grieve but this Christmas brought a flood of tears and memories.  For those of you missing loved ones, my heart goes out to you - it is hard!
Hope loves her big brother!
Lena loved sitting by Chip during the Christmas Eve sing along
Watching Chris play the guitar up close!
Reading to the kids in the fort
Coming down the stairs Christmas morning
Hope and Will 
Loving her accessories
Dow at the lake on Christmas night
Beth getting her "money" stocking from grandparents
Birchfield cousins