Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Fall 2016!

Fall was a busy time at our house!  The children got off to a good start at school and I think we were all glad to settle back into a routine.  As always the kids had a great time decorating their pumpkins and I have to admit that I really enjoy carving one!  Viola joined in the fun and carved her own mini pumpkin.  This new for her since her family did not do this in Germany.

Olympic Field Day is always a really big deal.  Will and Hope enjoyed it so much.  The day was beautiful and just the right temperature!

Hope loves getting her hands in all the gooey stuff inside the pumpkin!
Viola transformed Hope into a wolf!
Will and his pumpkin!
Hope and her pumpkin which is almost bigger than she is!
Lena with her pumpkin and also Lena got new pink glasses.

Will and Hope at Olympic Field Day!  Will is participating in the long jump below!

Will at the Squanto Reading!
The third grade classes at Eastwood learned songs, facts and Bible verses  during a Thanksgiving program.
Our little Pilgrim!

Will enjoyed playing another season of soccer with Eastwood.
We love going to the farm whenever we can.  The fall is a wonderful time to be there.  I am often reminded of how the children are gaining an appreciation of nature and am so thankful for this.  Hope especially has an innate love for all things moving and growing!
Beth with the kids at the farm.
Andy put the kids to work!
A job well done!
Lena, Will and Hope
Hope's ADPi lion for Beth's Little Sis
Viola and the kids surprised me with a Birthday party!
Lena ready for the Kindergarten Rodeo
Lena, Hope and Will ready for trick or treating!
Lena and Will at the Fall Festival at church (Hope was sick).
Lena as a cat in Eastwood's famous Three Piggy Opera

The Three Piggy Opera at Eastwood is a very important performance!  This was our 4th one to participate in and it never gets old.  Lena did great as the cat and a peddler.
Our Cat!