Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas and Family!

Dow, Hope, and Beth

What a joy it was to teach Hope about the Christmas story and hear her point to the baby in our Nativity set and say the word, “Jesus.” She had a great Christmas and it was so fun for us to have a “little one” in the family to enjoy all the wonders. She quickly learned who Santa was and how to open presents. As we visited with extended family and good friends over Christmas, I was reminded in a very vivid way of how important these relationships are. By watching Hope interact with others and the outward love that was displayed toward her, I experienced just an overwhelming sense of humility and thankfulness for all the special people in our lives. Family and friends are so important and now Hope is surrounded by them.

Hope’s language continues to develop to the point of putting words together. She is learning at an incredible rate including colors, numbers, and letters. I received an iphone for Christmas and Hope is enjoying learning by using the “baby apps.” Her weight is still so low at 20 lbs. She eats very little but has lots of energy. She doesn’t miss a thing and is very bright as well as tenacious. One of her favorite activities these days is to crawl around on the floor like a dog, panting, and wanting to be petted! Having two dogs in the house provide good examples for her. She has a pair of pink snow boots and usually the first words out of mouth in the morning are “boots on.” She wears them all day everyday. I am afraid her feet will sweat off!