Friday, October 11, 2013

Finally Some Movement!

We finally got some good news yesterday!  The Ministry in Moldova has released all of the info on Will that we need to move forward.  It has been translated to English and we should be receiving it in the mail today.   YAY!  The Ministry also released enough info on Lena that will allow us to officially accept her as a referral and move forward.  By releasing this info., we assume they have removed her from Moldova's National registry for adoption and is now available for international adoption.  She was originally to be available for international in June of this year.  Once this info is translated and we submit an acceptance letter, they SHOULD release the remaining of her info that will allow us to move forward with our government (this is where we are with Will now).

We did learn that I have to stay in Moldova for 30 days for the first trip.  We were hoping they would require less time but they are holding firm.  Andy will travel with us (Hope and I), meet the children and get us settled and then come home.  There will be a court hearing after the 30 day period, so Andy will fly back to Moldova for that and then Hope and I will come home with him.  At this point, we are thinking that we will travel the end of October or first of November.

We are not clear on how much time will be required before we make the second trip to bring Will and Lena home.

Thanks to all of you who have prayed for us and please continue.  We still have so many challenges and ahead and we know the hardest part will come when we actually bring the kids home!