Monday, March 18, 2013

Exciting Update!

While our home study took longer to get completed than we had hoped, we finally mailed the approved, notarized and apostilled copy to our placing agency in North Carolina on Friday.  This was the last piece of the dossier needed in order to send all of our paper work to Moldova.  We have been told that they are waiting on home study and ready to move forward!  We also sent our approved home study along with an application referred to as the I800a to US Immigration on Friday.  We also need permission from this agency to adopt.  This will include another round of fingerprinting at a special office in B'ham which is by invitation only!  We are getting excited.  We hope to make our first trip in June and bring the Children home on the second trip which we hope to be in August.  Of course, this is all according to "our timeline."

For those of you who haven't seen Hope recently, I included a pic of her in traditional Moldovan clothes.  Her kindergarten class at Eastwood Christian School presented a program in which they traveled around the world.  In May, Hope will have been home with us for four years!  She will be six in June.